Display Manager Benefits

Display Manager delivers key benefits for users who need to visualize large results and collaborate with remote users, by providing a simple, powerful interface for remote visualization.

  • Improved efficiency by allowing users to access large results without wasting time to download them with easy and accessible collaboration tools for reviewing results with global teams
  • Security and reliability via IP protection including a secure, traceable way to access intellectual property
  • Optimization resource utilization via consolidation of hardware and software
  • Faster time to results with no need to transfer large files, plus a simple product that simplifies software deployment
  • Increased quality and productivity with the ability to fully exploit a company’s internal knowledge and personnel skills through the use of shared collaborative sessions
  • Reduced waste, since IT management efforts and resources can be focused where they are the most effective, while engineers can focus on engineering
  • Reduced costs for software maintenance and deployment
  • Improved support for design of experiments, optimization and stochastic studies – Display Manager fosters the usage of more data and compute intense studies for design exploration:
    • DOE and optimization flow control applications (like Altair HyperStudy) run remotely and submit other batch jobs to the HPC queue directly via PBS Pro integration
    • No data transfer
    • Easier access to large compute machines and storage

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